Parent - Child Relations - A Guide to Raising Children

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Raising God-conscious, moral, successful children with a sense of civic responsibility in today’s world is not easy. It is also not impossible. Effective parenting is the key. As parents struggle to raise successful children, they need knowledge and skills to communicate wisely with their children and create happy, loving family relationships and homes. Central to this knowledge is teaching children about Islam, the Qur’an, the lives of the prophets, and Muslim history.

This parenting series is dedicated to families wishing to raise their children to become men and women of caliber, possessing values and qualities of righteousness, honesty, courage, compassion, creativity, and faith, as well as strength of mind and a sense of responsible independence.

All parents can benefit from this extensive guide to the fundamentals of parenting and child development. The series, based on extensive research and scholarship and founded in Islamic principles, is motivated by a drive for intellectual and moral regeneration of the Muslim mind and psyche through education. It takes the frustration out of parenting and offers strategies and techniques for teaching children how to problem-solve, make decisions, and develop self-esteem.

The series’ main objectives are to emphasize the duty of parental responsibility, in theory and in practical terms; show parents how to acquire the necessary education and skills to raise citizens of firm character and sound morals; and to help parents create harmonious, supportive, and functional homes.

Parents reading the series will understand the unique role of their overall worldviews in education, faith, and skills training of their children, following Islamic principles and the life example of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

With practical details, relevant family activities, and examples, the series addresses such crucial parenting topics and questions as:

Good Parenting The Family Unit’s Function and Importance Setting Goals for Good Parenting Raising Children Who Love God Addressing and Avoiding Common Challenges, Pitfalls, and Myths When Things Go Wrong Character Building and Personality Health and Hygiene Brain Development and Learning Raising Boys Versus Girls Sex and Sex Education Teaching Courage, Love, Independence, Honesty, and Responsibility Handling Outside Influences Plug-In Drugs: Excessive TV, Video, and Computer Time.

The series format is easy to use, whether parents read it start to finish or reference it according to topic or the stage of their children’s development. Application of its principles and practices, through family group activities at the end of each chapter, helps facilitate positive change in families and communities.

How to use this book

Parents with children from the age of infancy to early adulthood will find wise and helpful advice in this easy-to-read, comprehensive series. This extensive guide to the fundamentals of parenting and child development is highly informative and easy to use from year to year. It offers things to watch for, dos and don’ts, parenting challenges, stories, examples, and perspectives that can help parents raise their children in the best way possible. This do-it-yourself guide contains what you need to know to parent with confidence.With practical details and examples, the series addresses crucial parenting topics and questions, and provides a user-friendly table of contents with specific headings for easy use and reference. The guide is packed with advice and powerful tips. Parents may select from a number of activities and use specific, customized content for raising their children. The series format is user-friendly and suitable for parents who read it start to finish or reference it according to topic or the stage of their children’s development.


“…one of the most insightful and comprehensive books on effective parenting…it is a panacea to challenges many parents face today…It emphasizes that parenting is a dynamic partnership. The book emphasizes that “…parenting is not a part-time hobby but a noble responsibility that demands active intervention and purpose…This book has all the ingredients to transform families across the globe.”
– Isra

“I was particularly impressed with the comprehensive coverage of most available theories of child development and child-rearing practice in international and western literature…
– Kutaiba Chaleby, M.D.

The book provides “a guide for raising children to Muslims worldwide…[it] is also useful for non-Muslim students of Islam, anthropologists, counselors, religious group leaders, and non-
Muslim parents…

…The book encourages parenting by both the father and mother versed in family communication. The investment of time, effort, love, and understanding in raising children who will have their own personalities is emphasized repeatedly. This model is contrasted with the strict patriarchal model used throughout the Muslim world.”
– Paul Henry Tyson

“This wonderful contribution has many outstanding features…[;] approaches many aspects of family and parenting matters in a very comprehensive manner…[and] emphasizes the importance of instilling moral values, confidence, and good character in our teens…”
– Dr. Mohamed Rida Beshir



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